a coding of kindness

Perhaps we should opt for a Coding of Kindness, rather than a Code of Conduct.


a batpigday is the coding equivalent of groundhogday

quack! quack! said the duck

making sense of methods in R

does safely play nice with rma?

unpicking what happened with metafor::rma and purrr::safely

wrangling errors

filtering a list by type

the letter there's no point sending

I don't have the time for people who think that expressing distress at bullying and tenancy eviction means I am mentally deficient and cannot make decisions for myself.

fuzz testing

a neat testing concept

it's not the maths, it's the code

how testing has changed my workflow

curiousity science letter

Curiosity Science asked me to write a letter

good enough testing coverage

What defines good testing coverage in an R analysis?

writing a scientific literature review

What makes a _good enough_ literature review?

here's how it happens

women with drinking problems are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault

a quick and dirty vis

Jen asked me to throw together a vis on a dataset in ten minutes for an R-Ladies Sydney thing.

<quack quack | title >

Towards a light-weight, quick to type tidy pseudocode.

if we're really committed to diversity, we should privilege agency

Only a fool thinks they know what's good for another person. It never helps to make decisions on behalf of another person.

am I, a man, invited to such things?

We need men to step up and show their support as champions of change. We can't do this without you.

if we're really committed to diversity, crying should be okay

Why is it socially acceptable to ostracise, but not to show emotion?

testing as debugging

Thoughts on writing my first tests.

a coding workshop without code

Thoughts on tidy pseudocode.

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A one-time trophy bitch screams into the void.